Engineered by Cyberitas

For projects big or small, we collaborate with our clients to create solutions using the latest in design and technology. The goal is to keep them ahead of the competition.

Century 21 website homepage

Discover how we engineered the digital face of global real estate giant Century 21, encompassing web design, backend engineering, and managed hosting.

A slot machine with the Aristocrat Gaming Logo next to it on a blue-green background
Aristocrat Gaming

Explore the sophisticated custom C# solution we created for Aristocrat Gaming to streamline and manage their intricate casino gaming configurations.

Sparklight Business Enterprise web page
Sparklight Business

See how we power Sparklight Business with our robust engineering and managed hosting solutions, ensuring seamless operation.

Copperstate 1000 app homepage
Copperstate 1000 App

Take a drive through the comprehensive mobile ecosystem we developed for the prestigious Copperstate 1000 car rally, including iOS and Android apps, an SMS system, and a web portal.

A Blink EV charger installed in a garage
Blink EV-Charging Station

Plug into our case study on how we designed and implemented the UI/UX, IoT controller systems, and core software for the innovative Blink EV-Charging Station.

C21 Tracker App homepage
C21 Tracker App

Learn how our AI-assisted C21 Tracker app revolutionized communication between real estate agents and consumers with seamless and intuitive interactions.

BHGRE Marketing Center Tool homepage
BHGRE Marketing Center

Dive into our creation of an intelligent marketing powerhouse for Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, featuring image recognition, deep social media integration, and consumer connection engines.

ERA Distinctive website homepage
ERA Distinctive

Witness elegance and functionality combined in the luxury real estate website we developed for ERA Distinctive, with global listings, backend integrations, and managed cloud hosting.

NLETS website homepage

Explore how we fortified the online presence of NLETS, the International Law Enforcement Justice and Public Safety Network, with a redesigned website and member forums.