Every provider has a toolkit. Ours is bigger.

Since we’ve been providing software engineering services for more than two decades, we’ve amassed quite an array of tools. That means we can tap them to quickly, efficiently and affordably get you where you need to go. Here’s a brief listing of some of our offerings:
  • Search

    For many businesses, effective online search lies at the heart of successful transactions. So why rely on weak search solutions? Depending on project needs, Cyberitas uses leading open source search tools, proprietary tools or our own unique search engine that is optimized for geo-spatial searches. Our search technology emphasizes fast, accurate and efficient interactions, enabling true real-time searching via optimized algorithms and leading technologies. Our search technology servers have been refined by Cyberitas over the last 10 years. And because any single cluster node can be replaced or restarted independently, maintenance can be performed undetectable to end users. The Cyberitas Search Technology is designed to run at the edge of your cluster, and have a linear speed increase as servers are added to it.
  • Content Management

    As with search, Cyberitas uses a variety of different approaches to content management, depending on project requirements and budget. Our favorite approach maximizes the benefits of open source tools such as WordPress while placing them within a custom environment engineered to meet the specific needs of our enterprise-level clients. If you need customization, we can easily modify the modules to fit your exact needs. This powerful hybrid architecture allows custom modules to be developed and deployed quickly, with seamless integration with other existing tools.
  • Data Expertise

    For more than 20 years, the Cyberitas team has been managing, analyzing and segmenting data for numerous clients. In fact, we’ve been doing Big Data before that term became popular.
  • Organic SEO

    The most fundamental step in optimizing a website for search success: architecting and engineering the site with Search Engine Optimization built in from the start through Organic SEO. To maximize Organic SEO we use partnerships with third-party search optimization companies to develop specific search strategies and campaigns.
  • E-Commerce

    We offer best-of-breed tools for making sales and performing all other eCommerce activities across the web. The Cyberitas Shopping Cart, now in use by literally thousands of sites across the web, is the core module of our eCommerce Toolkit. Our services often require building new storefronts and migrating from other less competitive eCommerce platforms. Whether the job involves a new website or a migration to a new shopping cart, we can ensure our customers a successful launch without loss of functionality, site traffic, search engine optimization, sales or reputation. Our software includes all the standard business processes that can be customized to suit specific needs And, an intuitive information architecture makes it easier for setup—no matter how large your organization.