Serious engineering means serious services.

We don’t know cookie-cutter. And one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we approach each project with a fresh perspective, tapping our areas of excellence, our 20 years of experience and our all-U.S. staff (nothing is outsourced or sent off-shore) to offer the best approach, the best use of technology and, frankly, the best buy. Here’s just some of our service set:
  • Custom Applications

    Our team collaborates with each client to determine the best fit between completely custom applications, pre-developed software packages or a mix of the two. Ultimately, we seek to provide the best framework for success, at the lowest cost to clients. That might mean a from-scratch approach, maximizing best practices for a custom fit. That also might mean taking existing software and modifying it or using modules we’ve already created and customizing them. Regardless, we keep an eye toward rapid development—which in turn saves our clients time and money, as well as ensures launch dates are met.
  • Integration

    It’s an interconnected world, with applications, databases and systems all talking to one another. So, it’s vital that your software engineering partner be able to integrate all those disparate sources. As technology architects, we excel at ensuring harmony among interrelated platforms, new or planned technology purchases, legacy systems and applications. After all, we’ve been doing it decades longer than many firms. As such, we work hand-in-glove with client internal teams, oftentimes become extensions of these IT infrastructures to create success.
  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile is outpacing all other communications applications. So, a mobile strategy is a must for any business. At Cyberitas, we have the staff and expertise to include mobile technology in your business model, providing optimized web experience for mobile devices, as well as mobile apps and interfaces. In fact, our web development projects typically involve a mobile-centric approach.
  • Web Development

    Since 1994, Cyberitas has been building cutting-edge, customized websites for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. From custom interfaces and database integration to social media interactions, ecommerce technology and the latest in design, we focus on ensuring the connection made with site visitors represents your business the right way.
  • Hosting

    In an age when most hosting providers take a “set it and forget it” stance, we focus on ensuring hosted sites get the attention they deserve. Our hosting operations team members aren’t only experts in server hardware and operating systems, they’re fully trained software developers themselves. So when the inevitable problem does occur, it can be diagnosed and corrected in no time.

    Here are some details about the Cyberitas Managed Hosting Facility, which is located within the state-of-the-art Phoenix NAP colocation facility:

    Security: Multi-layer security control procedures including retina scans and closed-circuit video monitoring
    Power: Uninterruptible AC and DC power solutions
    Cooling: HVAC redundant design with under-floor air distribution for maximum temperature control
    Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above and below raised floor; double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression.
    Overhead Cable Management and Ladder Racking: Provides easy access to all cabling while deterring obstructions from under the raised flooring