We speak these languages.
But more importantly, we speak your language.

Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, C/C++, XML, XSL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, DHTML, WAP, STL, Embedded Visual C++, Embedded VB, JSP, PHP, SIML, Cold Fusion, x86/68k optimized assembler, Perl, Unix shell.

We’re skilled at a variety of languages and technologies. So, regardless of need, we can craft a leading edge solution. That may mean custom programming or the development of new systems. It might mean integrating disparate operating platforms or enhancing legacy systems. It might even mean creating software from scratch. Regardless, we have the skills, processes and tools to help clients realize their vision.

What’s more, our staff understands more than just the world of 1’s and 0’s. We understand the unique needs of clients and the demands of business, and can provide strategic direction and insights to help affect our clients’ bottom line.

Spiral Lifecycle
Agile Development


Our insights inform our choices, and dovetail nicely into our overall best practice methodology. We call our proprietary process The Spiral Lifecycle, which allows for exploration of strategic opportunities via technology, rapid development and prototyping in stages, and iterative design. Which, when paired with the fact that we don’t see solutions as finite, allows the process to offer the ability to continually refine in a closed loop of enhancement and augmentation. In addition, we employ agile development, working in sprints that allow for maximum flexibility and speed to market. In addition, agile development allows us to uncover new potentials with clients during the creation of projects, giving us ample time to revise, adapt and enhance projects prior to launch. This means clients get the latest and greatest, on time, on point and on budget.
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