Cyberitas Technologies, LLC.
The Cyberitas team has been designing, developing and hosting large- and medium-scale websites and eCommerce applications since 1994 - longer than most other Web companies have been in existence. Cyberitas has amassed deep knowledge across many business sectors, a toolbox full of proven products and modules that allow us to deliver results faster and less expensively than our competitors and a list of long-standing, loyal clients. At Cyberitas, the word "family" applies equally to our employees and to our clients. Building great results and great relationships is our goal. Wouldn't you like to have a team with this experience working with you?
In 1994, the core of the Cyberitas team developed the first large-scale consumer hotel site on the Internet, then called Over the next two years, the team helped some 30,000 hotels create their first appearances on the Web. Expanding to real estate in 1996, Cyberitas took over the Internet site for ERA Realty,, which we continue to support to this day.
The fast-growing Cyberitas team number more than 30 people, most based at headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. The core of the team has been designing, developing and hosting large-scale websites and eCommerce applications since 1994. The Cyberitas "Family" (we use that term a lot) is dedicated to employing only the best practices in our work, developing close, long-lasting client relationships and maintaining a company that's both a productive and enjoyable place to work.
Cyberitas is committed to providing clients with state-of-the-art eCommerce development services by integrating technology, innovation and strategy with their business processes. We do this by providing custom programming services in a variety of languages (which provide innovation and integration with existing client systems) and by utilizing the many modules and products that Cyberitas has developed over the years (which provide lower cost and speed to market).
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